Established in 2007, Jikan Babi Production is essentially a broadcasting and media production company.
The company was founded by a seasoned and well-accomplished journalist; Nasir Abbas Babi. It was initially recognized through electronic media across the northern states of Nigeria and later boomerang to become a standard company with national and international recognition. From this position, we were prompt in handling efficient media production services and digital broadcasting for both local, national and international clients. And hence forth, we invent an online radio (JIKAN BABI RADIO) with URL: https://radio.jikanbabi.com we can also be reached on other radio websites host such as Radio Garden among others.


Jikan Babi Production is proud to have been rendering effective digital broadcasting and media production services to an array of clients at affordable prices. We have successfully established a friendly niche in the company where our clients get the best of our services. For more than 15 years, Jikan Babi Production has been relating with individuals and organisations in Nigeria and abroad to produce audio and video jingles for ceremonies, sensitization, awareness, mobilization, education and entertainment. We have also committed ourselves to the production of audios and videos to help our clients connect with their customers and promote their businesses.
Similarly, Jikan Babi Production helps in digitizing your online presence by making deliberate efforts to trigger your online presence targeting your specific customers.
We create digital broadcast content for various media organizations. 


Head Office
SR 13,
K7 Mall,
Agaei Road,
Sokoto State.


0803 318 6727